Art of Photography Show 


Arthur Ollman, the Director of the Museum Of Photographic Arts,
was the Judge for the Art of Photography Show 2006. Here are
the 104 images which he selected for the exhibition:

"Suspended, Burma 2005"
Monica Denevan
1st Place – $1,000 Award

"Paths of Glory"
Roger Minick
2nd Place – $750 Award

"Urban Pools #133"
Kenda North
3rd Place – $500 Award

Larry Pratt
4th Place – $250 Award

"Heriberto, Steelworker"
Ken Merfeld
Honorable Mention – $100 Award

"Side Show - Greed"
Wayne Schoenfeld
Honorable Mention – $100 Award

"The Argument"
Jacquelyn Leebrick
Honorable Mention – $100 Award

"Nan on Porch"
Craig Johnson
Honorable Mention – $100 Award

Erin Kunkel
Honorable Mention – $100 Award

"The Ikon at Catalina State Park, Arizona"
Stu Jenks

"Presidential Palace"
Benjamin Krain

"Fire Works & Matches"
Dana Neibert

"In Water #3"
Ethan Jones

"Woman Hiding In Pine Forest"

Sally Mundy

"Far-Reaching Vision"
Gevorg Karapetyan

"Airbus A320 #2"
Jeffrey Milstein

"Boulders and Waves I"
Raquel Edwards

"Phone-Sound Effects"
Hank Stromberg

"Panamint Valley, California"
Matthew Chase-Daniel

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