Art Of Photography Show


Artist   Title
Gloriann Liu     In the Circle - Buzkashe - Afghanistan
Don Bartletti     Chiapas Racers
Catherine Singer     Blue Shawl
Gunnar Conrad     Interstate 70
Allan Davey     Overview Houses C
Judith Fox     Untitled 3
Donald Mirra     Early Morning in Port de Prince
Remy Bourganel     Unexpected Perspectives on Hong Kong
Philipp Rittermann     Train, Cabazon, CA, USA
Remy Bourganel     Truck On The Highest Road in the World
Masahito Otake     One Early Afternoon, Benares India
John Stanmeyer     Daughter
Masahito Otake     A Kid Laughing, Benares India
Michael Edelstein     The Jute Workers
Allan Davey     Overview Beach
Nicholas Syracuse     Route 50, Utah 2006
Andrew Bruah     Beginning Aqua
John Durant     Salt Silos, Owens Valley
Daniel McFadden     Smelting Factory
Alice Olive     Winter Pattern
Alberto Lizaralde     Kolkata India 2007
Gloriann Liu     The Conversation - Afghanistan
John Stanmeyer     Malaria Family
Paul Adams     Key West Pier
Ashley Lebedev     The Last Hurrah
Catharine Stebbins     Cobb #1
Julie Brothers     The Soles of Orphans
Julie Brothers     Shoe
Pål Hermansen     Polar Bear, Spitsbergen
Arthur Lavine     Snow Storm, Allentown PA 1958
Philip Jessup     Floe Edge #4
Michael Auda     Masino Brunch Room
Nicholas Mele     Oatsie
Russell Klika     Faces of Iraq
Russell Klika     Faces of Iraq
Russell Klika     Faces of Iraq
Galina Kurlat     Sanctuary 1
Dick Sanders     Woman at 5th & Main, Los Angeles
Art Levit     Branching: #155 (Amazon Delta), 2006
Natalia Engelhardt     Oleg, Moscow 2007
Betty Press     Nuer Cattle Camp, Sudan
Dick Sanders     Faces on The Street #24
Russell Gearhart     Flex - Griffith Park, 2007
Andre Peniche     Fear
Natalia Engelhardt     Kirill, Moscow 2007
Allan Davey     Boat Ride
Estelle Dougier     Trapeze
Jeff Flindt     Fiji Under Water
Jerry Seiner     Starship
Scott Raffe     Circus Flora: Tent
Ron Haviv     Sri Lanka: The Fires Within
Micajah Truitt     Balance

The music in this slide show is Lighten Up! by A Positive Life

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