Art Of Photography Show

The Art of Photography Show Presents

An Evening with Photographer Sarah Small
The Making of her "Delirium Constructions" Tableau and Other Works

When: Monday, October 4th at 7:00 pm

Where: Lyceum Theatre Gallery, in Horton Plaza, Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego

Cost: Free

Sarah Small's photography brings together groupings of distinctive visual personalities into fresh interaction in scenarios she contrives from the ground-up. Despite constructing these scenes, she captures authentic experiences of curiosity, unease, sensuality and alienation, often occurring simultaneously, just under the surface of her candy-colored, starkly-composed images.

This presentation will discuss how issues like artistic strategy and the practicalities of photographing humans cohere to make her images what they are. Through a discussion of selected works, Small will explore how such issues intersect with her personal trajectory in her work. Sarah will talk about how the mundane details of a shoot - from choosing locations to casting models and setting up lighting - inform and are informed by models' responses to one another and the experience of being photographed. In turn, Small will share how these considerations relate to both the vision that guides her work and the eventual images she produces. By sharing personal anecdotes about her artistic growth, including disappointments and (sometimes lucky) mistakes, Small will discuss how she has come to understand the relationship between these elements, and how problems, practicalities, and improvisations can be creatively enlisted together in dynamic images.

One of Sarah's images is represented in the Art of Photography Show 2010, having been chosen from nearly 14,000 entries by Natasha Egan, the Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Her selected image, "Wilson Pickering Freich", is part of her Tableau Vivant series "The Delirium Constructions".

The Delirium Constructions is an ongoing body of work exploring disassociated themes and characters brought together into the same space. Sarah brings models into improbable, close interactions to examine the social and graphic contrasts of youth and experience, hysteria and discipline, tragedy and hilarity, and sexuality and desexualization.

These scenarios are staged, but the emotions that result are born through improvisation, spontaneously captured and authentically experienced. Like an optical illusion, where the viewer shifts between opposing visual perceptions, these images reference emotional illusion, a rocking back and forth between projection and introspection, between darkness and hilarity.

Sarah Small was formally educated at the Rhode Island School of Design after which she graduated and moved to NY in 2001. Since then, she has worked as a fine art, editorial, and commercial photographer earning accolades nationally and internationally. Her work has appeared in publications such as Life Magazine, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. It has been exhibited at The Corcoran Gallery, Exit Art, and The Australian Center for Photography. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards: Earlier this year, Sarah was named by American Photo Magazine as one of the top 13 photographers working today. Most recently, she was selected by ITS#PHOTO E.V.E., out of a thousand+ international applicants to be flown to Italy this summer to attend the finalists' group exhibition, award ceremony, and Part II of the competition, judged by a panel of renowned photography professionals including Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Since 1997, Sarah has taken a diaristic Polaroid of herself everyday. She plans to pursue this project for life.

Directions to the Lyceum Theatre Gallery:

Parking: Park at the Horton Plaza parking structure and receive a 3 hour validation.

For more information, contact the Producer: Steven Churchill
Phone: 619-825-5575

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