Art Of Photography Show

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Photojournalism and Social Documentary Photography
Featuring photographer Gloriann Liu and a special film screening about
legendary documentary photographer Rowland Scherman

Gloriann Liu

Rowland Scherman

When: Thursday November 8th  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: San Diego Art Institute, in Balboa Park

Cost: Free

Photojournalism and Social Documentary Photography:
Join us for an evening featuring photographer Gloriann Liu and a special film screening about legendary documentary photographer Rowland Scherman

For the past ten years Gloriann Liu has been photographing many different cultures in the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. After several trips to the Middle East after 9/11, she became painfully aware that the information being published by the US mainstream media often included half truths and was sometimes completely false. It became Gloriann's mission to address common misunderstandings about the people in those regions. Though most of them live with great hardships, many have invited her into their homes and offered her access and great hospitality. There, she sought a quiet and safe place to make an intimate photograph. What she found was resilience, and friendship. Her project “Forgotten Afghanistan is about relationships – both familial bonds and the bonds Gloriann has formed with her subjects, victims of the war with the Soviets, the civil war and the war against the Taliban.

We will be screening a short excerpt of the upcoming documentary, "EYE ON THE SIXTIES: The Iconic Photography of Rowland Scherman." This film is an intimate portrait of LIFE magazine photographer Rowland Scherman and the photojournalist process. It is also a piece of American history, documenting how one man’s photographic genius worked within one of the country’s most transformational eras-- the 1960’s. As the first photographer for the Peace Corps 1961-1962, the primary USIA photographer of the Civil Rights March on Washington, LIFE Magazine’s Special Assignment Photographer, personal photographer of President Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 Presidential campaign, LIFE’s Special Photographer for Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Presidential Campaign, and Grammy Award Winner for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Album Cover in 1967, Rowland Scherman used his camera to record a decade that was like no other. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for this important documentary project here.

For more information, contact the Producer: Steven Churchill
Phone: 619-825-5575

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