Art Of Photography Show

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Synthetic Reality
An Evening with Photographer Marek Glaser

Marek Glaser

When: Wednesday October 24th  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: San Diego Art Institute, in Balboa Park

Cost: Free

Synthetic Reality: We live in a world where digital technology is acting as a disruptive and transformative force. This is certainly the case in the advertising world. One of the changes seen in automotive advertising is the gradual extinction of media fleets – the new cars shipped around the globe for photographers to shoot. Photographing new cars for ads is being overtaken by computer renderings that utilize the actual digital engineering data used in defining their manufacture. Incorporating that data with background photography to produce high end marketing content is one of our guest speaker’s areas of expertise.

An HDR Dome is a 360° HDRI (high dynamic range image) used as a tool to incorporate the reflective elements and lighting mood of a background location with a digitally rendered vehicle. Find out how this process works. Marek’s approach involves shooting the superior optics available to use with DSLR cameras versus the fixed lenses incorporated into available off the shelf solutions.

Besides the technical aspects of this type of image capture, Marek’s exceptional talent, eye and passion for scenic photography put him on the forefront of this technique. He will also talk about his piece titled “Small Town” which is on exhibit at this year’s Art of Photography show which was part of one of his recent personal scenic photography projects.

For more information, contact the Producer: Steven Churchill
Phone: 619-825-5575

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