Art Of Photography Show

The Art of Photography Show

So what's it really like? If my work is accepted, what happens next?

Dear Artist,

We welcome submissions by any living photographer, young or old. The photographs do not have to be from a newly created body of work. We are looking for work that is important to the artist from any time in their career. Perhaps your most important work was created recently. Perhaps it was created decades ago. We want to show the work that you feel most strongly about.

ALL artists who enter the show will be notified whether their photographs have been accepted or not. We appreciate all of the work and dedication and energy involved in entering the show. We will not leave you wondering.

Artists who have been accepted for the exhibition will be asked to complete an online form providing a more detailed biography and a statement about their work to be included in a beautiful printed catalog. We will be in close contact with you about the presentation and delivery of your piece or pieces. Though not required, most of the artists accepted in the exhibition come to San Diego for the Opening Reception Gala -- many coming from around the world. We will recommend hotels in the area and assist with any travel questions you may have.

There will be a VIP cocktail hour for the artists, artist companions and press before the big event. Artists will have an opportunity to meet our Curator in person. The Opening Night Gala will be attended by at least 1,000 people and is free to the public. That evening we will announce the award winning images and give away $10,000 in cash awards. There will be music, and of course the photography will be the star of the show. A seasoned photographer's piece might hang next to an emerging artist's work in the exhibition. They might stand together and talk about photography during the opening reception and become inspired by each other, gaining new perspectives on art and the world. The work will be for sale, and sales staff familiar with the work will be mingling with patrons answering questions, introducing artists and taking payment information for sales which occur. We will pause for an awards ceremony in which our Curator will recognize the award winners and we will give out the award money to the artists in attendance that evening.

After the Opening Reception, all of the artists will go to a private after-party where we can sit down and talk some more. The day following the reception, the Curator's Talk will take place in the gallery and there will be time to ask questions. After the talk, those artists who are still in San Diego for the day may join us for lunch and a museum outing to some of our fantastic local art and photography museums. We love this time together, getting to know all of the artists. It is quite like bonding at summer camp. Mentorships are formed and lots of sharing occurs -- all learning from each other's life experience. The day ends, we exchange contact information and we depart having gained wonderful new friends.

During the run of the show, our programming includes special events, artists talks and mixers designed to bring more attention to the show, sell the work and enrich the community.

After the show ends, we ask the artists to keep in touch and share new work with us. We promote their projects and make industry connections for them.

Lisa Smith
Associate Producer


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